Biscuits are Bad
Rusty Foster

I agree with this wholeheartedly in every way and have been saying it for years… biscuits are not edible food items. I say go ahead and like them if you want, but don’t try to tell me that I am going to like the biscuit you just served me. Yeah, sure, I like certain gravies that you sluice on top of biscuits (not all gravies, mind you, but some), but the biscuits themselves are simply a gravy vehicle. I do not want to eat this vehicle. I would rather eat a crash test dummy than eat another biscuit.

Furthermore, I am stuck recently watching domino rally videos with my 9 year-old, so the GIF included in this biscuit-take is highly relevant to us. He is agnostic when it comes to biscuits, but the Fail GIF is spot on.

Blessings and Gravy,

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