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The drivebuddyAI platform is built with the fusion of EdgeAI models which does the inference and CloudAI models which learns from the data and update the EdgeAI model on the device with the updated learning.

The core idea of drivebuddyAI lies in improving the behavior of the drivers and as a result encouraging them to make the driving ecosystem safer and better. The beahvior derivation comes from the driving patterns and that can be learned from by creating the context of the surrounding of the vehicle. The alerts which are meant for assisting drivers in case of any critical collision…

An Attempt towards making employee transportation safer using artificial intelligence based drivebuddyAI Dual Camera Device

Indian economy is moving towards shared mobility and electric mobility. Majority of IT MNCs are opting for advanced technologies not only for the business making but towards creating a better work culture and company environment.

Employee transportation is also one of the facilities big companies do have which allows employees to leave personal vehicle at home and use the shared vehicle and pick up and drop facility. There are companies in India who do provide such cars fleets to the MNCs which makes the operations…

Sharing economy, reduction in the personal vehicle ownership, electric vehicles are the revolutionary terms of Indian transportation industry. The time has started where the whole is world is sighting changes in how we commute. World is moving towards shared, safer and smarter ways of transportation. Whenever it comes to commute, the safety of the commuters comes first and whoever is providing the shared services, the safety is gonna be the key differentiator for them in the market penetration.

Driving safety is one of the most critical but under look aspect in India as Indian roads are considered to be one…

drivebuddyAI, An Autonomous Vehicle Technology Company, INDIA

Recently, at drivebuddyAI, we announced our numbers for data collection. It is all we started since last 20 days and we have collected good amount of data. The data looks something like this: 2 active devices installed into the vehicles, around 45 GB of data collected, almost 1 million images processed from edge nueral network and almost 2100 KMs the vehicles have driven as connected vehicle throwing data to the cloud continuously.

It is all about collecting the data right now and to achieve that, what we have carved is drivebuddyAI — device. The drivebuddyAI — device is a data…

A Safer and Smarter way of driving with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

I’m feeling very excited to introduce drivebuddyAI, our startup based in Pune, India focused on autonomous vehicle technologies and connected vehicles.

It’s the time when the world is talking about autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence when transportation industry is under revolutionary changes. Thanks to Waymo(Google), Tesla Autopilot, Intel — Mobileye, Cruise, ,etc, lots of awareness is already spread around the world for autonomous vehicles and these companies are ready with their fully autonomous vehicles. There are lots of startups and companies like OTTO a.k.a Uber ATG and others are working on autonomous trucks. A large chunk of startups and large…


Reimagine Driving Experience

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