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drivebuddyAI — AI at the core of fleet safety

84% of total accidents in the world are caused by distracted driving. Safe and secure transportation is top priority in fleet management, which continues to face challenges in monitoring and ensuring safe driving. There is a strong correlation between driver behavior and fleet maintenance. Aggressive driving, excessive idling, improper shifting or deactivating safety controls are common complaints. If driving behavior can be improved, a direct impact on driver safety can be achieved. While distracted driving remains the most significant ongoing risk, preventable accidents, reported to be almost 40% of total reported fleet accidents are also an area that fleet managers must mitigate.

Vehicular data, ADAS, and telematics is transforming road safety — from being anecdotal and speculation-based, to fact-driven, allowing for real, and better results.

drivebuddyAI has built an intelligent driving system with advanced capabilities in avoiding collision and protecting life & property. The comprehensive fleet safety system with an intelligent driver assistant device, easily fitted on a vehicle or fleet, and a powerful cloud-based dashboard, deploys advanced AI and computer vision to capture valuable driving data, generate real time alerts, and deliver automated insights.

This virtual driving buddy operates with high precision against distracted driving, and collision avoidance for improved driving performance, enabling fleet managers to optimize fleet performance and safety.

How drivebuddyAI keeps drivers safe on road?

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Building an AI nervous system, that learns human behavior to augment their decision-making capabilities for empowering the mobility ecosystem

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Entrepreneur, Startup Founder & CEO @drivebuddyAI. Learning from human drivers for the future drivers.

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