Texting is not the only Drivers Distraction !

“नज़र हटि दुर्घटना घटी” a very famous road safety slogan seen everywhere on Indian roads. (Translation — If eyes are not on the road, you are bound to meet with an accident)

17 deaths are recorded every hour due to road accidents on Indian roads, and 84% of these incidents are due to driver’s fault. Driver distraction is one of the drivers fault apart from over-speeding and driving too close to front vehicle that cause accident. Based on lots of surveys and market research, these are the following common driver distractions under driver’s fault:

  1. Mobile Use
  2. Talking to Co-passengers
  3. People with full beam on
  4. Listening to Music and Infotainment
  5. Eating and drinking
  6. Debris on the road
  7. Getting lost in thoughts or day dreaming
  8. Heavy rains and low visibility
  9. Driver Fatigue / Drowsiness
  10. Attending to kids and pets in car.

Multitasking, face-paced & competitive world that we all live in, driving distraction-free can be difficult — but it is possible!

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