Do Brand Colors Matter?

Of course they do. Everything your company projects to the works is important.

Even to people that can’t articulate what colors “mean,” the majority of people “feel” those colors instinctively. But choosing colors shouldn’t be about personal tastes and preferences. They should be chosen based on who your brand is. Like people, brands have personalities and behaviors that tell the world who they are. When you have clarity about your brand’s personality and behavior traits, it’s easier to find the colors that express those qualities.

If your brand is optimistic and exudes warmth, you might choose orange and/or yellow. (McDonalds.) If your brand is exciting and bold, red could be your color. (Coke.) And Blue traditionally stands for trust, dependability and strength — a reason so many corporations choose it. (HP, Facebook, JPMorgan.)

Before choosing your colors, think about your Brand’s personalities and behaviors. It’s a great starting point.