It’s my One Year Anniversary.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 11.6 months. Obviously, that’s not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re looking at it from where I am, it’s an eternity. Think of it this way: I am 17.6 years old. Meaning I’ve been dating this kid for 1/17 or 6% of my life. And to make you understand how big this feels, I’ve only been dating for 3 years, meaning of my time dating, he’s been 34% of it.

I’m sorry, I’ll stop with the math.

The point is that adults want me to believe it’s not a big deal. In fact, no matter what I do, it seems that adults want me to believe it’s “kid stuff”. A year long relationship? Try 20 years and 3 kids! Graduating high school? Just wait until you graduate college! Working a part time job, saving up for a car, practically supporting yourself, and planning to move out of your house in 6 months? Shut up, when you’re 30 you’ll see what a breeze your young life really is.

I’m not trying to complain. It’s just that, for once in my 17.6 years of living, I’d like to feel like something I’m doing is a big deal.

A year, to me, is a long time.

In a month, I change my hair twice, rearrange my room, shake up my wardrobe, consider quitting my job 50 times, have at least 8 life-changing mental breakdowns , and meet and/or lose 3 friends. Now imagine how much goes on for me in a year.

So to me, yeah, a year is a long time. It feels like eons in my body; I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like to be someone close to me. To witness the chaos from a place where my thoughts and actions seem to have little to no reasoning, and stick around when literally nothing is tying you down.

Seems like an achievement to me. Something worth celebrating, even if we are just kids who don’t know what the “real world” is like.

I’m excited for my one year anniversary! I spent 50 bucks on presents for my boyfriend, I’m spending up to $100 on dinner, and he’s spending $115 on amusement park tickets. And let’s not forget the incredibly thoughtful scavenger hunt I planned for him, wherein I will take him to Target to get new pajamas, then out to get sweets and a movie to take home and watch together.

So go ahead, grown-ups. Tell me I don’t know what love is, tell me my relationship is nothing but a high school romance, tell me I’ll regret the 200 bucks that are about to go into celebrating my 24th of July this year.

Whatever! I’m a teenager, so I’m not really listening anyway, right?

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