Several Reasons that I, Personally, am Staying Alive Tonight.

This list is not meant to be relatable. Maybe it’s not even meant to be pleasant to read. But sometimes, you just gotta talk it out with someone, and that someone has to be a blog. Is it healthy? Let’s go with… sure!

Fresh nectarines

There’s a box full of the things in my kitchen. I just ate one and god was it good. Bet there aren’t nectarines in hell. I’d like to eat another one tomorrow.

Orange is the New Black

How did I just discover this show? It’s my shit! There’s this cast of diverse characters, and I feel like I connect on a personal level with all of them. And there’s no way I’ll finish it tonight, so I’ll have to see it through.

San Diego

My mother received 3 to 5 days of R&R at any Grand America Hotel in the country. All expenses paid, including food and activities. I’m trying to convince her to pick the Grand in San Diego, California. That one should keep me going for a couple of weeks, if not months.

My hair is orange right now?

I can’t lie in a casket with this hair. I just… I just can’t. It’s blonde and pink and orange. My grandmother would faint at the viewing.

My anniversary

Sorry, I’m talking about it again. I’m going to Lagoon for my one year anniversary in less than a week! For the third time in my life! And with my best friend, no less. It’s gonna be sick.

My 18th birthday

This is another long term one that’s been keeping me going and will for 5 more months. There are so many things awaiting me on my 18th birthday! So much opportunity.


I’m hungry.

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