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Being one of the important products of DRK Chain’s DeFi ecosystem and serving the transaction needs of the community, DRK DEX has officially been launched. The community can access and start enjoying this innovative decentralized exchange. This article will outline the user guide for DRK DEX.

Note: To interact with DRK Chain, the community needs to link DRK Chain to Metamask. Check out this article for more details. Meanwhile, users who have added DRK Chain to Metamask will be required to change the RPC URL to

Step 1: Access and sign the confirmation to link with your Metamask account

Each Metamask account on your computer when linked corresponds to one account on DRK DEX. The community can use any specific network or wallet account in the Metamask account to sign the confirmation for a login to DRK DEX. This will bring convenience to users when it is not necessary to use the original network in a Metamask account. The community should pay attention to carefully preserving the Recovery Phrase (12 words) to protect your assets when participating in trading on DRK DEX.

Step 2: Access to deposit / withdraw DRK, ETH, …

Each user account will be provided with an automatically generated wallet address in the DRK DEX smart contract. The community can deposit DRK, ETH, … from any wallet or platform to these wallets. Deposit and withdraw confirmations are automatically moderated by DRK Chain. The deposit/withdrawal system at DRK DEX is integrated with the DaRK Protocol, providing absolute security and anonymity.

Step 3: Make transactions on the main screen of DRK DEX

The first trading pair being launched is DRK / ETH. Users can buy and sell between DRK and ETH.

How to buy DRK with ETH?

  1. Enter DRK price according to the amount of ETH you want to buy, users can choose to sell any order on Order Book to auto fill prices.
  2. Enter the amount of DRK you want to buy
  3. Receive the total amount of ETH you have to pay for the DRK order as above.

How to sell DRK for ETH?

  1. Enter the DRK price according to the amount of ETH that you want to sell, users can choose to buy any order on Order Book to auto fill prices.
  2. Enter the amount of DRK you want to sell
  3. Receive total ETH you have to pay for the sale of DRK.

Open order

Your buy / sell orders will appear in this section with specific tracking parameters

My 24h order history

Your buy / sell orders that have been completed within 24 hours will be noted in this section.

Should you need any assistance or clarification, please don’t hesitate to send an email to



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