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To DRK Clients

First of all, we would like to congratulate Clients who have been accompanying and trusting the DRK since the first days. DRK’s first goal was to create an innovative blockchain platform integrated with the most advanced technologies available at the present, with an emphasis on practical applications, namely a robust ecosystem of Decentralized Applications (Dapps). Just 3 months after taking the initial steps, we have achieved commendable results, with all milestones in the roadmap completed beyond expectations. The explosive yet stable growth of more than 1000% in value of the DRK native cryptocurrency has proven our track of record for success.

To date, we have introduced to our Clients the Draken Honor Reward program, and the Staking program, which are indispensable strategic moves for DRK to empower our strongly growing community. The Validator nodes erected through the Draken Honor Reward program will ensure the high performance, stability and sustainability for DRK Chain. As a result, we have made important decisions for the project, which we believe will be the premise for the future success of DRK.

1. Ending DRK early offerings

As in the latest announcement, we have put an end to the DRK distribution through Draken Group official website. Again, we would like to congratulate all Clients who have been able to acquire DRK at the earliest stage of the project. The discounted rate is a warm gift for your trust. We believe that with our carefully prepared plans, your faith in DRK will pay off.

2. Opening DRK DApps Universe

Through the Draken Honor Reward program, DRK Clients have been given access to a huge share of profit from products established on DRK blockchain. We have formulated up to 10 different sources of income, corresponding with some product categories from the ecosystem “DRK Dapps Universe”, including: DRK block reward, DRK Chain gas fee, DRK DEX, DRK Casino, DRK DeFi, DRK Social, DRK Games, DRK Initial DEX Offering (IDO), DRK Insurance, DRK Risk. These income sources are projected to materialize as soon as this year, paving the way for our leading position in the global cryptocurrency market.

Thanks to the immutable, anti-spam, anti-slack Proof-of-Honor consensus mechanism built-in DRK Chain and a growing, sustainable ecosystem, all profit-sharing income sources mentioned above will be available permanently for all Clients who signed up for the Draken Honor Reward program.

3. Assisting in Draken Honor Reward program

Since the beginning of the special program Draken Honor Reward, we have received positive reactions from the majority of DRK Clients. It has been a great joy for those who have been accompanying the project. The warm support from the community was essential to maintaining the operation of DRK Chain and the ecosystem.

With the plan of ushering DRK Chain into practical applicability, with numerous D-apps within the DRK ecosystem, starting from a humble number to potentially reach up to thousands, DRK Chain will need a vast source of Validator nodes established to ensure the sustainable and secured operation of the ecosystem.

Therefore, we have decided that, from now on, DRK conversion from Frozen balance will be automatically submitted to the Draken Honor Reward program.

4. Offering Buyback program

We are aware and joyful that the majority of Clients are dedicated to and supporting the development of the project. However, cutthroat speculation during the early phases of every project including DRK, was nearly inevitable. In preparation for those who would object to our plan on moving forward, we have pooled together a Buyback fund for short-term Clients who want to exit at this stage.

Clients who wish to depart from DRK’s future success can fill following form in order to sell their remaining DRK amount at their initial purchase prices:

Please be aware that only buy back requests submitted through the form provided by Draken Group will be accepted. We will not be responsible for any issue caused beyond this matter.

Above are our important changes to ensure the future development courses of DRK. We believe that DRK is truly going on the right path to achieving leadership in the cryptocurrency market and becoming a sustainable platform for decentralized applications.

If you have any question or issue, please drop an email at

Thank you for your companionship and understanding.

Draken Team



DRK Chief Editor
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