Welcome DRK V2 — DRK Chain’s outstanding transformation to the new era!

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4 min readMay 7, 2021


Dear Drakans!

First of all, Draken team would like to deeply thank the whole community. You are the motivation for us to constantly develop, the reason for the project to reach this point and make sure that the spirit will lead DRK to success.

After a long period of Draken team focusing on the project with maximized efficiency, we were ready for the transformation and innovation of the project. We believe that this will be a big turning point, a breakthrough of DRK that reinforces the success of the entire community that has accompanied us during the past time.

In addition to the effort to perfect the core Dapp products based on the DRK platform and mark the next transformation of DRK Chain, we would like to provide to all Drakans an overview of the upcoming plans of the project.

DRK Listing

Besides the major trading pair of DRK at Draken.exchange, DRK is planning on listing on different exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile, DRK is officially joining the ranking competitions on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko,… Along with the mid-tier exchanges, Draken team is working on completing our portfolio and proposing to major exchanges such as Binance, Houbi and Okex. We believe that the nature of the project needs to be further improved. With all core technology and ecosystems, the market’s recognition comes as a matter of time.

New interface — website, documents,…

We are in the process of rebuilding all news channels of DRK to achieve a more complete and intuitive distribution of information to the community. The new Draken.tech website and the technical documents of DRK Chain and our ecosystem will soon be introduced. Besides, all necessary documents for our partners when building the ecosystem on DRK Chain will be made available.

New Dapps— Decentralized Social Network and more

As previously announced about one of the pivotal Dapps on DRK Chain, which serves the need for a decentralized social media and is officially launching in May, we would like to announce to the community about the adjustment made for the Dapp:

  • The name has been changed from DRKakao to BSocial.
  • The Dapp runs on DRK Chain, which means that the business model of BSocial is impulsed by DRK Coin.
  • The Dapp operates and is developed by an authorized 3rd party.

Meanwhile, the current owners of DKK token — the token of DRKakao (now BSocial) will be assisted by our program to exchange DKK to DRK at the respective trading pair at https://draken.exchange/drkdex.

New partnerships on boards

Following up with the long-term goals and accomplishing the mission of DRK Chain, Draken team would like to encourage the collaboration of technology organizations together with platform administration, strategy planning and network development of the organization.

New partners of DRK include investment funds, technology organizations and individuals with expertise. Details will be announced to Drakan or displayed in full when the new website draken.tech is launched.

Restructuring DRK Coin

One of the major roles of the mentioned parties is to participate in the list of Validator Nodes to operate and administrate DRK Chain. Together with the consensus reached by all existing and upcoming partnerships, Draken team has decided to adopt the highest governance right of the blockchain to restructure DRK Coin.

In particular:

  • Removing Validator Nodes and successfully burning 15,340,000,000 staked DRK Coin.
  • Restructuring New Validator Nodes with 8 nodes out in operation. 240,000,000 DRK in total have been permanently locked to run Proof-of-Honor.
  • The remaining 120,000,000 DRK is reserved for new partnerships participating in the Validator Nodes system, as mentioned above, and for periodically rewarding the supporting community.

These conducts have been successfully executed, with DRK Chain remaining stable with the highest level of efficiency (2-second block time, up to 5000 TPS). Other statistics related to DRK Chain, such as the circulating supply and the staking reward ratio of the parties, are unchanged.

Improvement in efficiency and supporting technologies of DRK Chain

During the process of restructuring DRK Coin, we have examined and performed a minor upgrade of the Proof-of-Honor consensus algorithm, resulting in the improved efficiency and stability of DRK Chain. Within the coming time, Draken team is building and perfecting the Anonymity on Demand feature as an individual protocol running on DRK Chain platform, with Crosschain technology integrated.

Advertising events, partnerships and encouraging community contributions

All advertising activities will be promoted on social media sites and communication channels, including Twitter, Telegram and BSocial in order to educate the community, promote DRK Chain and its ecosystem. A series of events, minigames and airdrops will be constantly organized by Draken team and associated partners.

Meanwhile, Draken team is always welcome and encourages the contribution from technology organizations, social media influencers, DRK supporters and the user community. Together, we can achieve outstanding results with our existing exceptional technology platform. Please do not hesitate to exchange your ideas with us via our email contact@draken.tech

The world of blockchain involves the rapid movement of users and their interests. Different from developing a regular Dapp, a blockchain platform requires a lot more elements to attract the current community. With the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market in recent years, accompanied by the strong rise of the major blockchain platforms with their market forces and dominance, it has come to our acknowledgment that DRK Chain will encounter difficulties to compete with the rest. However, supported by the trust and companionship of the community, we will continue to grow. Eventually, we will certainly achieve our mission.



DRK Chief Editor

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