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Farm Pi, Swap Cross-chain All


Pi is a community-based token that runs on DRK Chain with outstanding advantages in transaction efficiency: 2-second block time, up to 5000 TPS and near-zero gas fee. Pi is strongly supported by the entire DRK’s ecosystem and first released in DRK SWAP. Thanks to the application of Cross-chain technology, Pi’s owners can easily exchange them to receive top-performing coins in the market. Pi can only be obtained through Community Farm at draken.exchange.

Community Farm

Community Farm has been organized to serve the distribution of coin/token that do not belong to the main ecosystem of DRK. However, most of the coins and tokens included in Community Farm are prioritized subjects, promoted by the community and have their own purposes when operating.

Pi Token is only distributed through this method with the following expected swap pairs:

  • Pi-BNB
  • Pi-DRK
  • Pi-BTC
  • Pi-BUSD (BEP20)

The community can contribute to the above liquidity pools to receive LP proportionally, which then can be used to farm Pi Token.

Token info

  • Name: Pi token (Pi)
  • Network: DRK Chain
  • Contract: 0xf7Ec99fdF0f2c90b5ab9D0875273f6a33C4a2246
  • Decimals: 18
  • Pre-mined: 400,000 Pi
  • Total supply: not restricted
  • Distribution: only through DRK Community Farming

Referral program

Special program to reward education partners and community developers of DRK with bonus Pi simultaneously with farming. Detailed bonus will be as follow:

  • Comm 1. 100% Pi token amount daily farm interest for direct referral (F1)
  • Comm 2. 10% with F2-F10


  • Partner(s) must participate in Community Farm with minimum $1000
  • 2 to 10 direct referrals with a minimum of $1000 farming each participant is required to unlock the corresponding F2-F10

Airdrop program

Please join our Telegram channel for more details and updates.

Learn about us:

Website: https://draken.exchange

Channel: https://t.me/drkswap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drkdefi



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