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How to add DRK Chain into Metamask Extensions?

DRK Chain is a separate Blockchain that successfully launched the Mainnet. Therefore, the community needs a tool to interact to send / receive / store DRK Coin and tokens that are based on DRK Chain. We have linked DRK Chain with Metamask Extensions — a popular and free Blockchain interaction tool. This article shows the community how to install DRK Chain on Metamask.

Step 1

Install Metamask for your browser and login / register an account.

Step 2

In the Network window, select Custom RPC.

Step 3

Fill in the information fields as follows and click Save.

Information includes:

Network Name: DRK Chain

New RPC URL: https://rpc.draken.exchange

Symbol: DRK

Chain ID: 66

Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.draken.tech

Step 4

Complete. You can now send / receive / store DRK Coins at Metamask. Please check your wallet address by visiting https://explorer.draken.tech

If you have any questions, please email contact@draken.tech

Thank you!

Learn about us:

Website: https://draken.exchange

Channel: https://t.me/drkswap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drkdefi




DRK Swap is a decentralized exchange protocol built on DRK Chain with the ability to automatically create liquidity without order books or centralized entities to execute transactions.

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