DroidKaigi new Logo & Visual Identity

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2 min readDec 9, 2019

Hi, this is mutoatu, in charge of design at DroidKaigi. I was put in charge of creating a new logo and visual identity (VI) for DroidKaigi, so I’d like to take some time to explain these.

Renewal Reasoning

DroidKaigi is a conference that started in 2015, and has a goal of “Sharing and communicating Android technical information”. Up until now, the official Android codename has always been named after a type of candy, and since 2016 the DroidKaigi logo and visual had been created based on the codename for that year.

Logos in the past

However, it was announced that this year’s Android Q will not be named after a candy, but a combination of the characters “10”, making it difficult to create a design as we had been doing to date.

Another reason is that we have started running year-round activities at DroidKaigi — Events outside the conference such as Hands-on or Codelabs. Depending on the timing, we would run into problems deciding which logo should be used, and since the annual logo and visual were created in a conference-driven way and by volunteer designers, there were also problems that there was no visuals available. In order to solve these problems, the logo and VI have been renewed.

New logo and VI

The new DroidKaigi logo and this year’s main visual are as follows:

New logo
2020 primary visual

The logo represents DroidKaigi’s mission — “Sharing and communicating Android technical information”. The logo itself is a combination of these two “sharing” and “communication” elements. The logo is intended to be mostly used in online and in print visuals for the conference, and for this reason we decided to make the logo a simple one.


While there may be many people who are not yet used to new visuals, we hope that you will learn to enjoy them as we do in the near future. The elements of the new VI are also planned to be incorporated into the 2020 conference decor.