Drone Commander Tidek

Afterword, Sources, Acknowledgments & Credits

Drone Commander Tidek is a novelette by Eduard F. Vinyamata. Check out all chapters here.


I had been working on the first draft of a novel for over a year. I made my friend Felip Amat promise me that if I didn’t finish by the 1st of September he would have to punch me.

In the end, no violence was required. Just shy of midnight, on August the 31st 2013, I finished the novel’s first draft. Next morning I started with the editing.

I thought the text would require some fine tuning. Perhaps a month of work. It turned out to be much worst. The text was bad, really bad. I took a week off, overwhelmed. Then I took another one.

On the third week, walking down la Rambla with Felip, he suggested I write something to ‘cleanse my palate’ and detach from the novel I had been pouring myself into for so long.

Back then, I used to love someone. I had loved her the very second she walked into my life. Her birthday was close and I wanted to give her a special gift.

Maybe a short story! I thought.

Right away, I remembered about a project that had been gathering dust. An idea for a grand adventure novel that would span thousands of years. In my mind, it would be epic. But I only had a minimal plot and glimpses of one single scene: a street riot in the near future.

I decided my birthday present would be framed in this grand adventure novel in the form of a prolog. I had about one month to write it before the birthday deadline.

It took me six months to finish it.

But it didn’t matter. She told me she had started something with someone else, and that we could be friends.

That’s how Drone Commander Tidek was born.

It grew into a therapeutic exercise for me to get over heartbreak. When I was flying over Santo Domingo to ‘Chan Chan’ or fighting GE with the drones, she was not in my mind.

Now, as I write in my room, alone, surrounded by the shadows of my past, I get a message that reads ‘Hello, why won’t you answer me?’ It sounds as if she is in the room with me, although I know she is a thousand kilometers away, in Paris.

‘Shadows, be shadows,’ I want to reply.

Barcelona, 20th March 2014


All technology in this novelette is based on current research and prototypes. Find out more here.


Thank you Felip Amat for your constant support and inspiration. They say writing can be a lonely activity but it certainly doesn’t feel that way with you around.

Thank you too, my dear Beta Readers. Your feedback after plowing through the first draft of the short story was greatly appreciated. I think it shows in the final version.

Finally, thank you to my parents. I find myself once again following your steps, and I love you.


Eduard F. Vinyamata is a Catalan writer in development. He was made in Barcelona and educated in the US. He lives with his dog Trutx, who is a big time foodie like him. Eduard is a traveler, a bon vivant, a geek and taller than you.

This short story was edited by Marissa van Uden. Find out more about her genius wordsmith skills here.

Cover art by Joey Hi-Fi. Find out more about his incredible work here.

All of the characters in this short story are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

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