Carpe Koko!

Luxury artisan chocolates delivered to your door

M y idea of a balanced diet is having chocolate in both hands. Chocolate is such an essential part of my life that I seriously can’t live without it. Not to get all science-y on you now but there’s actually a physiological reason behind why chocolate makes us so happy — it releases several chemicals in your brain that play a role in positive emotions. These include phenylethylamine (or rather, ‘the love drug’ as its levels are elevated when you fall in love), serotonin (the mood-lifter), dopamine (the pleasure chemical) and endorphins (the stress- and pain-reliever). It’s no wonder we’re addicted to this amazingly delicious drug!

Now you can probably imagine my excitement when Carpe Koko delivered a beautifully packaged gold box of luxury chocolate right to my door. I took them to uni and after snapping up some pictures, we devoured these delicious morsels of chocolate within seconds!

Carpe Koko offer a range of chocolate flavours from more exotic combinations such as Saffron Sting (honey + saffron) and Blood Orange Spice (blood orange + cardomom) to classic Salted Caramel and Darling Almond. Today, we tried out their Coffee Confession and Salted Caramel flavours. The Coffee Confession consisted of milk chocolate ganache with velvety hazelnut praline and a dash of coffee. I liked how the coffee flavour did not overpower the milk chocolate, but rather subtly accentuated its flavour. The Salted Caramel consisted of milk chocolate ganache swirled with caramel and a dash of salt — key word being ‘dash’ as it was very subtle.

The chocolates were delivered in a stylish black box with gold print. They deliver Australia-wide and usually can send it within one-business day. This is sure to make the perfect gift for anyone or just as a treat for yo’ self!

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