Social Brew Cafe, Pyrmont

A hidden oasis of good food and great coffee

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Located on 244 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Just a few minutes walk from the towering Star, there lies an oasis of good food and great coffee. Its Social Brew Café, and it’s a café well known to the locals in the area.

Located along Harris street, this eatery is complete with spacious outdoor and intimate indoor seating. We took a seat inside and were greeted by amiable wait staff. We were shown the menu and were pleasantly surprised by the versatile range. The menu was extensive with all day breakfast and lunch options. The drinks menu took up two pages, with a page wholly dedicated to alcoholic beverages. Even the drinks with juice and smoothies could be ordered ‘spiked’ for anybody wishing to enjoy a cocktail-like concoction on a lazy Sunday morning.

The breakfast options looked more tantalising and so we opted for the Eggs Benedict and the Brekkie Board. The eggs benedict was dressed with a lovely hollandaise sauce that had hints of apple cider. Patrons get the option of pairing the dish with either salmon, black forest ham or crispy bacon. To stay true to brekkie traditions, I opted for the black forest ham. I was not disappointed! The whole dish was incredibly flavoursome and the brioche bun was light and buttery — an interesting alternative to the English muffin. I also ordered a side of avocado and thought the combination of hollandaise sauce, poached eggs and avo worked nicely together. Would recommend you try this side with your order of eggs bennie!

The Brekkie Board was similar to the Eggs Bennie — in that patrons get the option of pairing the dish with a protein of their choice (bacon, prosciutto etc.) I thought the presentation of this dish warranted a thumb-up. The elements were all strategically positioned for maximum aesthetic appeal, like the soft boiled Zataar egg precariously balancing off a miniature jar of herb pesto. We loved the crispiness of the bacon and enjoyed how the meat didn’t taste overwhelmingly salty. The egg sprinkled with Zataar added that nice Middle-Eastern touch — yummy!

We couldn’t go past the cafe without trying their delectable desserts. I opted for the Salted Caramel Tart while my friend tried the house-made Poppyseed and Pear muffin. The muffins are baked fresh every morning so there’s practically a new flavour combination every week. The tart had a thin lining of salted caramel so it didn’t taste overly sweet. It was mainly filled with a delicious chocolate mousse that was garnished with a sprinkle of irresistible cocoa powder.


If you’re looking for a café that delivers great food and friendly wait staff, then look no further than Social Brew Café. The locals have all discovered this hidden gem, so be warned that it might be quite a wait before you get yourself a table. Even if you don’t live in the area, I highly recommend you give this place a try because their apple cider eggs benedict is seriously worth the drive (or ride along the light rail). If you’re feeling a little cheeky, maybe even get a spiked smoothie to accompany this dish. I mean, why not?

Rating: Yummy in my Tummy

Service: 4/5

Gourmet Gumbo and Sparkling Kale dined as guests of Social Brew Cafe.

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