The Gozleme Co, Sydney CBD

A Turkish delight in the city centre

Located Shop 6.26, 19 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000

Working in the city, it’s always a struggle when the clock strikes 1:00pm. Considering how indecisive I am, it always takes an awfully long time to decide what I’m going to eat for lunch. I’m spoilt for choice, especially since I’m working in the central location of Martin Place. I’ve got the MLC Centre, Chifley Square, No 1 Martin Place, Pitt St Food Court and the David Jones Food Hall just a few hundred metres away. So imagine how ecstatic I was when the marketing manager at The Gozleme Co invited me to dine at their food stall in MLC Centre.

Teeming with customers during the rush hour
Packed food court area at MLC Centre

I’ve never ventured to The Gozleme Co before and was excited by the prospects of eating some exotic Turkish food. Gozleme is one of the most well known dishes in Turkish cuisine, and is typified by crispy pastry sealed with feta cheese and spinach. For a limited time only, the folks at The Gozleme Co are offering “pulled” varieties of their gourmet gozlemes. I decided to order the Pulled Moroccan Lamb and the Pulled Peri Peri.

Since we went to the food court, my friend and I were given a buzzer. After a short wait, we were given the gozlemes in a nicely packaged pizza-like box.

Pulled Morroccan Lamb (Black Label Edition)

I tried the Pulled Moroccan Lamb Gozleme first. It was loaded with pulled lamb that was both marinated and slow cooked in aromatic Moroccan spices. The spices were perfectly balanced with a delicious blend of sweet and savoury. The taste of the feta cheese was strong, but didn’t overpower the spices infused in the pulled lamb. I loved the refreshing addition of mint yoghurt that gave the pastry that light creamy tang.

Pulled Peri Peri (Black Label Edition)

Next, I tried the Pulled Peri Peri Gozleme. The chicken was chopped up into tiny pieces (almost like a mince) and cooked in a spicy peri peri marinade. To give it that extra kick of flavour, the gozleme was drizzled with a generous serving of peri peri sauce. Once again, spinach and feta cheese was sandwiched between the pastry. I was accompanied by my friend who absolutely loved the peri peri variation. He was very impressed that the flatbread was not soggy even though it had been stuffed with so many fillings.

Some glory shots of the inside fillings!


The Gozleme Co was conceived from humble beginnings, opening up with a single kiosk in the Western suburbs of Merrylands. Today, it has blossomed into a bustling franchise with a store in the central location of MLC Centre. It is a perfect lunch option if you’re feeling very hungry, as the combination of fillings and pastry is sure to leave you feeling stuffed. Not only are there savoury options, but the Gozleme Co team also offer baklavas, banana & honey gozleme and nutella gozleme if you’re in the mood for something a little sweet. If you’re working in the city and still deliberating what to eat for lunch, I highly recommend you give this Turkish delicacy a go!

Verdict: Mind Blown
Service: 4/5
Gourmet Gumbo and friend dined as guests.

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