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A Staycation Summer (Part One)

Big things in a small town

Ginger Cook
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5 min readJun 15, 2023


Bigfoot’s rocking chair? Author’s photo

This year I’ve opted for several mini staycations rather than one big vacation for my family.

I did this for a few reasons.

  1. I want to explore what we have right here around us in the Midwest. Stop laughing.
  2. I’m taking my husband to Mexico in September for his 50th birthday, so really all my money is being spent on that.

So now you’re like, what the hell is there to see in the Midwest??

We have some cool shit, ok? And I’m going to spend the summer sharing it with you. I know you’re so fucking excited right now.

Before we dive into trip number one, I have some shit to share with those of you who follow me and care about my life. There are at least four of you.

My oldest son graduated in May. I cried for about a month.

My husband and I got serious about being healthy since we’re getting old. He’s lost over eighty pounds and I’ve lost sixteen pounds. Yeah, I’m pissed about that but it’s whatever.

Lastly, my oldest daughter totaled her car three weeks ago, and my son wrecked his car last night, so this summer is already about to be fuckin LIT!



Ginger Cook
Drop a Line Pub

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