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Christmas writing challenge

An Updated Twelve Days of Christmas

Nobody wants that many fucking birds

A bird is perched on my head to get a better view of the boobs. Edited in Canva Pro

The holiday season starts to chap my ass right about now because I partake in a lot of heavy people-ing. Not heavy petting; that would be good. People-ing. I’ve spent four days in a row surrounded by (gasp) PEOPLE. It’s getting old, and I’m overwhelmed with anxiety.



Everyone welcome! I’ve focused on a broad range of subjects including Humor, Family, Book Reviews, Food, and Music. Tell me what you want to write about and we’ll find a place for you!

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Ginger Cook

Top writer in a few things. It’s whatever. Dreams of being a world traveler, author, and lead singer in a Pearl Jam cover band. Writes about everything.