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A Business Analyst’s Quick Review of Holistics

Learn about how Holistics Software can solve your Business Intelligence (BI) needs.

  1. Get weekly data emailed to you as a .csv
  2. Clean and format the data in exactly the same way as last time using Excel
  3. Update all Tables, Pivot Tables, and Charts with the new info
  4. Fix the bugs and errors as they pop up

What is Holistics?

How to set up Holistics

  • Navigate to the worksheet you want to analyze. If you need to set up Dropbase first, check out our documentation here.
  • Click on the drop down menu in the top left corner, and select “Workspace settings”.
  • Click on “Show credentials”. You’ll use the information here to connect to Holistics.
  • On the Holistics “Add data source” page, fill in the information like this, where the box on the left are your Dropbase database credentials. You should also copy over the same password from the credentials page.
left: Dropbase’s credentials page, right: Holistic’s add data source page
  • And that’s it! You’re now ready to use Holistics and analyze your data.

Holistics: First Impressions

  • Automatically send reports via email/Slack to start the day with up-to-date product metrics
  • An intuitive drag and drop user interface. No need to remember (and debug) complicated formulas like in Excel!
  • Exporting reports as PDF to get gorgeous results like this:
  1. Click on the Filled Map Chart type
  2. Drag over the “State” field into Location and (in this case) 2001 into Value
  3. Click on Get Result. And voila!



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