7 things you should absolutely know before you use Dropbike

Hand signals to use when cycling.

At Dropbike, our goal as a company is to turn more people from car drivers to bike riders—and the first thing we want our riders to know before they make that lifestyle change is how to do that safely. Here are 7 essential things you should know before and while you use Dropbike (or ride your own bike!):

  • Under applicable laws (for example, the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario), cyclists must follow all traffic signs and signals.
  • Dropbike riders must be over the age of 18. While wearing a helmet isn’t legally required for riders over 18-years-old in most municipalities, it is highly recommended for all cyclists. Wearing a helmet can protect you from injury or death in the case of an accident!
  • Like all cyclists, Dropbike users must abide by all applicable laws while riding. Most fundamentally, make sure to act as a vehicle would (abide by traffic signs, obey traffic signals, stop for pedestrians, etc) and don’t ride while you’re distracted.
  • Before turning or stopping, make sure to clearly signal your intentions — left arm pointing left for left turn, right arm pointing right for right turn, and arm turned down at the elbow to stop.
  • Cyclists are not allowed to bike on the sidewalk, but are required to bike on the road (stay on the right side of the right lane to be safe from passing vehicles).
  • Bikes must have a working front white light and a red rear reflector when riding in low light. Bikes must always have wheel, spoke and pedal reflectors. If you notice any part of your bike is damaged or missing, please end your ride by locking the bike at a bike post, and contact Dropbike immediately to notify them of the damage.
  • If you need any assistance, please call Dropbike at 1–855–341–2453 or email us at support@dropbike.ca.