The prettiest places to ride your Dropbike to in Toronto, Kingston and Westmount

In every new city that Dropbike goes to, there’s a local operations team of Bike Warriors. Our Bike Warriors help us take care of our bikes — they fix them, move them, ride them around, etc. They also know the best (see: instagrammble) places to ride to on your dropbike. For only $1 an hour, you can get there, snap a pic and get back with no worries. Here are a few places our Bike Warriors would recommend you pedal to ASAP:

Marta recommends: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Whether you’re visiting Toronto or you actually pay rent here (sorry), don’t forget to periodically visit Nathan Phillips Square. If you momentarily blank on which city you’re in, the giant glowing signs will remind you.

George recommends: Casa Loma, Toronto

A 15-minute bike ride from the University of Toronto-St George campus (aka the location of the first Dropbike launch), you should visit this castle because it’s 1)…a castle and 2) the site of movies like X-Men, Chicago and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!

Victor recommends: Waterfront trail, Kingston

“This is something I like doing on a weekend — people can do this trail, then when it ends, bike on King Street, cross City Park and explore the Queens campus (which is really pretty when there aren’t as many students around).” — Victor

Qiang recommends: Westmount Park, Westmount

Those colours. Those trees. Those calories burnt on a dropbike that make room for more bagels…

Qiang recommends: Westmount Greenhouse, Westmount

If you’ve never been inside this greenhouse, you’re missing out on a gorgeous fountain (seriously, google it), season-defying flowers and sunlit paradise. Go. Now.