DropDeck.io Crowdsale Airdrop Telegram Event (Phase 2)

One shot at 300,000 DDD! (and daily sales bonus)

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DropDeck’s AirDrop Contest is moving into the 2nd phase. Starting from today (Dec 1, 2017) for the last 20 days of the Crowdsale, tokens will no longer be airdropped daily. Instead, the first 100 people to link their wallet address each day will all be automatically entered into our Grand Prize drawing for 300,000 DDD tokens by the end of the Crowdsale!

That means only one more winner will receive 300,000 DDD. That’s an amazing 30 ETH worth of DDD tokens to our Grand Prize winner. All 100 wallet addresses each day will still receive an extra bonus on their DDD purchases (e.g. a 19% bonus for all winners on Dec 1–19 days before the Crowdsale ends, 18% bonus for all winners on Dec 2, and so on).

The selection of the winner will be random. We will use the following process to select our grand prize winner: The wallet address of the first winner on Dec 1, 2018 (without “0x”) and that of the last winner on the last day of the event (without “0x”) will be combined tail-to-head and encoded to hex. The first pair of digits that fall into the [1, 20] range will be chosen as the date. The first set of 3 digits backwards that fall into the [1, 100] range will be chosen as the position of the wallet address of the Grand Prize winner among the lucky winners on that date.

Note 1: all of our 3,000 DDD winners will be receiving their DDD tokens by Dec 5, 2017 according to the following list: http://bit.ly/DDDAirDrop

Note 2: It is important that you use your MyEtherWallet. Do not link an exchange wallet or any wallet that you do not control the private key for, or any wallet that doesn’t support ERC20 tokens. We will not support any type of address swaps.

Note 3: Each user is limited to only one wallet address and allowed to link your address only ONCE in each Telegram event channel that we create. If you link it multiple times on the same channel you may be disqualified. Lastly, we reserve the right to withhold prize payouts if we suspect or have proof of anyone who has attempted to cheat during this contest. Let’s keep it clean and have a fun time!