DropDeck.io Public Whitelist Registration for Presale and Crowdsale

Nov 1, 2017 · Unlisted

How to participate and the timeline to expect

Update (November 1): So far we have revised the token sale model based on feedback from our supporters. Please take a look at our updated Bitcointalk post and White Paper after reading this post.


  • All eligible* supporters can participate, so don’t rush and fall victim into plotted scams;
  • Public Whitelist registration period: November 3 to 20 (13:00 UTC);
  • Public Whitelist registration link: https://DropDeck.io/whitelist
  • Whitelist Presale: November 4 to 18 (13:00 UTC);
  • Whitelist Crowdsale: November 21 (13:00 UTC); maximum 1 month sale;
  • We must register to the whitelist and get confirmed afterwards that you are whitelisted in order to participate in the Presale and Crowdsale;
  • Instructions to participate in the Presale and Crowdsale will be sent after you are confirmed to be whitelisted;
  • We will not ask you to send ETH before the sale starts. We will never direct/private message you regarding the sale.

Whitelist Sales for our supporters*

Public Whitelist Registration (November 3–20, 2017)

DropDeck will be organizing only ONE Presale and ONE Crowdsale. In order to participate in the Presale and Crowdsale, you have to be whitelisted. This whitelist process ensures that only members of our Telegram, Discord, KakaoTalk (Korean), and private list groups can participate in DropDeck’s Crowdsale.

Supporters from different communities will be consolidated so that only one email address is valid to an individual. When you register for the whitelist, a know-your-customer (KYC) check (passport preferred or national ID) will be performed and you will be asked to verify your identity. Additionally, you will also be required to enter the Ether address that you intend to use to send your contribution for the Presale and Crowdsale.

Note: our KYC process ensures that only one whitelist email and one ethereum wallet address are attached to one real-world identity, so that there is no advantage in signing up for different communities using multiple email addresses.

More information regarding Whitelist, Presale, Crowdsale, Roadshows, and DDD Token will be released in subsequent posts. Please continue to monitor Telegram and our blog post for new announcements.

[Warning message]

Please be aware that DropDeck.io team members and moderators of official communities WILL NOT be asking for contribution before the actual Presale and Crowdsale. These are phishing attempts by scammers, and should you encounter these messages in your inbox through direct messages, please report them to official team members or moderators on the community that you are most involved in.

  • except US Citizen and individuals or organizations in sanctions lists.


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