Top 10 Reasons to Use

What DropDeck Delivers as an Investing and Lending Platform

DropDeck delivers a lot, so we have compiled a list of the deliverables that DropDeck brings to the active world of investing and lending. While we cannot attribute any particular weight of any one of these benefits over any other as DropDeck is more representative of a harmony among them, we hope this list shows generally why our platform is so powerful. Our ecosystem smoothly integrates all the different ways that companies seeking funds can seek funds to grow. The basis for our technology allows us an ability to provide everything that all the various lending and investing platforms out there provide, but in an all-in-one environment. Not only can we combine all the various services together, but we can provide a value that will have immediate impact in the real world, not just cyberspace.


By navigating through the DropDeck interface, funders of all sorts can instantly fund any company, anywhere in the world. While often these forms of transactions may have holds and verification processes, by using our platform these processes will be handled seamlessly together providing the quickest possible transference of capital. Consider also, that the amount of time and money saved in terms of scanning companies across a plethora of platforms while using expensive services that are designed to integrate those different data could be utilized in one, like with DropDeck — all the information you need is located within a couple of clicks on the same platform.


The added level of transparency due to developing a platform on blockchain technology is astounding. Whenever a funder wants to fund a company, they simply just add the amount on the company’s Deck, and once the funder submits the amount it is instantly transferred. Moreover, the funder will have an ability to monitor the spending habits of their investment to continue their analysis of the company’s growth potential in real-time. While, by using some platforms, the funder may sit on their hands hoping for information in the future to be delivered by the company; but that’s not the case with DropDeck, the information is always available as it is processed through our system.


All the Decks that one is interested in, or the Decks that one has already funded are all located on your Portfolio page. This allows one to investigate and track all their current and future investments thereby allowing them to make more investments and conduct more research in a convenient all-inclusive environment.


Instead of contributing funds to a company all in one go, funders are permitted to make smaller, more incremental payments, in installments, to progressively fund the company as it progressively provides the funder with the results of its work. This ensures that both parties have the incentive to best utilize whatever their function is.

By allowing funders to keep more of their capital at any moment in time, they are capable of funding more companies in that same moment, which causes a decrease in their risk on any one of the potential investments. By the same logic, any company that is receiving funds in installments is expected to have a more specific set of deliverables for each of the increments, allowing the investors to monitor the progress that the company makes.


All earnings on DropDeck’s will accrue in a DDD Token Smart Contract which will in turn be used to repurchase DDD Tokens on the exchanges where DDD is listed. The token will steadily incur relative growth in terms of the net worth of the token. This allows all participants to slowly have increased values with whatever their token count is, as long as they are participating in the mechanisms where DDD Tokens are used. This ensures a maximum benefit to all active users.


Whenever a funder funds a company on DropDeck, every participant in the ecosystem (you can refer to our article titled “DDD Token and User-Roles”) will receive a reward which re-incentivizes the participant to continue providing increasingly better information, as well as an increased level of action. Due to the breadth of the ecosystem, to better understand the funding process, you can refer to our article titled “The Funding Process and How Users Participate”.


Every participant on DropDeck receives a score that is relative to their value; whether it is Hunters providing quality companies, evaluators providing quality evaluations, or delegators conducting the legal heavy-lifting, each of the participants are incentivized to keep increasing their score so that others have heightened trust in the user’s abilities. The users will keep adding value to each of the companies that can be invested in, allowing for more experts to focus on the fields they know best.


Smart Contracts are analogous to an escrow account where a funder puts money in the account and it remains there, securely, until the company meets its prerequisite conditions that allow for the funds to be released. Smart Contracts allow for this to be handled in an automated fashion by a program that simply will not have user error or ill-defined terms; this smart contract then levels the playing field allowing all to participate to trust the system because it is transparent as well as the fact that they, themselves, participated in its development.


A funder can take advantage of our DDD Token creation event. Depending on the terms of the event which will be discussed in detail in another article, when the DDD Tokens are being created, funders are granted discounts partially based off what services they can provide. In any case, funders with a lack of capital can capitalize on this event by purchasing the discounted tokens and then leveraging them with a company they are interested in funding; this will, when the fund is over, help them realize their capital to continue their personal and financial growth and development as a funder.


Since the DDD Token is a cryptocurrency, all of the participants’ transactions can assist in improving their respective crypto-credit-score. A crypto-crediting system based on direct and indirect data powered by our A.I. applications will be able to deliver the most accurate possible scores in terms of a person’s consistency with making payments and performing their deliverables. By being on the blockchain, the crypto-credit score shall have maximized its security and will not be subject to errors and willy nilly modifications which may be present in FIAT-based credit scores.

A future DropDeck

All of the DropDeck ecosystem’s features can be integrated with a plethora of other applications and potentials. We can consider the Top 10 Reasons to Use DropDeck as a background of expanding potential, but in this moment now we will strive to bring to you the most powerfully adaptable lending and investing platform the internet has seen.

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