Lowering prices for Dependencies.io

Today we lowered the monthly and annual prices on dependencies.io.

Dependencies are a thing of the past, and the future. They are not going away. We believe that keeping your dependencies up-to-date is something everybody should be doing. Bug fixes, improvements, and security vulnerabilities are things that we all need to be staying on top of. Keep your users safe, your developers productive, and your business moving forward.

But I think we all know that — the hard part is convincing yourself that it’s worth the hassle. It either takes an exorbitant of time and discipline, or it requires automation. Both of which cost money.

We’ve always allowed public repos to use our service for free, but private projects had to make hard decisions as to whether or not they could literally afford to do it. Even when they know that they should have started doing it a long time ago. And that’s why we’re lowering the price of dependencies.io for private repos. We want it to be such an obvious decision that there is no reason not to do it.

You can see our new pricing here. And you can browse our docs and open-source repos to learn more about all of the languages and frameworks that we already have support for (and the ones on the way).

Let us do that hard part while you sit back and click “merge”.

Dependencies.io can help you manage all of your dependencies. Completely free for open-source repos. Start getting pull requests for your dependencies👉