What is Dropseed?

Simply put, Dropseed is the company behind Dependencies.io, PullApprove, and Sibbell. We’re a small team based out of Kansas that are working to build products that improve our lives as software developers. We make tools that we need and use, and that we think other teams and companies can benefit from.

While some of our services have existed for years, Dropseed as a company has never been publicized. Up until now we’ve tried to market each product individually. As we’ve been preparing to launch dependencies.io, it has become clear that we really want to present it as, “a new product of Dropseed,” rather than,“a brand-new fledgling service that you’ve never heard of and might not trust.”

Our hope is that by bringing it all back under Dropseed, we can do a better job of showing people what we’re working on and how much time and effort we’re investing. So, you can expect to see more posts here in the future. Some will be about our specific SaaS products, some about our open-source projects, and some about ideas or work that we think are worth sharing.