The Blockchain and The Lamborghini

Mar 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Try to imagine yourself driving a Lamborghini… Where are you driving? Probably on some no speed limit road with the best view around! Have you ever thought about driving a Lamborghini on a congested road with a lot of other vehicles? You probably won’t enjoy this ride so much although you’re in a Lamborghini.
But how does this all connect to blockchain?!

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Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Everyone in the blockchain space wants blockchain to scale, there is no doubt about that, and there are many ways to tackle this issue and try to solve it. We observed in 2017 that many blockchain projects were focused on creating next generation protocols / consensus algorithms or layer two off-chain and side-chain solutions trying to solve the fundamental scalability issues around low transactions per second. However, we realized that there was another fundamental bottleneck: the Internet itself, on top of which all blockchains run. If you take the analogy that any next generation blockchain protocol is a Lamborghini, then running that protocol on the internet would be equivalent to driving the Lamborghini on a bumpy road congested with other vehicles, broken and under repair in some areas, and with only one lane most of the time. Under those conditions the Lamborghini will not be able to achieve its full potential and speed. This is why we incubated dRoute to provide the “blockchain autobahn”, layer zero network backbone that enables any blockchain to reach its full potential. To do this, dRoute has built an Internet-alternative network with optical fiber speeds that is also fully distributed and autonomous.

So don’t go driving a Lamborghini on a bumpy road- dRoute and make sure the blockchain you are involved with has the No-Compromise Network!

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