H.H. Sheikh Zayed

Mr. Flemming Rontved on Zayed Leadership Toolset

Dr. Rami Shaheen
May 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Traveling 86 countries I know one thing is to “see” the country — another to understand the people, their beliefs and their wisdom.

A famous author once wrote:

If One Is Truly to Succeed in Leading a person to a Specific Place, One must First and Foremost Take Care to Find Him Where He Is and Begin There!

Travelling UAE, I have seen the tremendous impact the founder H.H. Sheikh Zayed have on the Arabic people, his thinking, his wisdom, and his mission. Years ago he planted one building in the middle of the desert, today that’s Dubai. He is on the lips of every child in the nation, 2018 is named Year of Sheikh Zayed. The respect of his personality is tremendous!

My friend Dr. Rami Shaheen has invented the Zayed Leadership Tool for the respect of H.H. Sheikh Zayed and care of the Arabic people, to let them know their inheritance, to understand the wisdom and receive the knowledge of H.H. Sheikh Zayed thinking, vision and mission. So they can be learn of the belief, the story, the attractions and beauty of UAE, even the reason for the name of the single Emirates, and so much more.

If you as a foreigner only go for the beauty and serenity of the Arabian deserts, Burj Khalifa — Dubai, Louvre Abu Dhabi or Ferrari museum you will miss so much!

As an international Company you will not do good business without the knowledge and culture awareness of H.H. Sheikh Zayed.

Normally when I reach a new country, the first thing — is to go to the City Square of the Capital, sit there for 1 week, and talk to all the people passing by. Must ask, what are you doing here; the answer is! Waiting for you, would love to know who you are. In UAE this was not nessacary, just need to use the Zayed Leadership Tool, in a couple of companies, and a lot of information was received, of the country — the beauty, and especially attitude, behavior and culture.

For international companies Dr. Rami Shaheen developed the english version, use the H.H Zayed Leadership tool in your company — you will be surprised, how culture and thinking change, your business increase, and your relationships grows — cause now — you will understand the mentality and be able to partner with your Arabic clients or customers.

Written By:

Dr. Fleming Rontved

Dr. Fleming Rontved

International JMT Coach, Speaker and Teacher & Project Manager Middle East JMT GPS Roundtable

Dr. Rami Shaheen

Dr. Rami Shaheen 👑 | INSPIRE ㆍ INNOVATE ㆍ LEAD

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