DRS Labs Launches New Research Line of SARMs

DRS-Labs is launching a new line of research SARM compounds. Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs are a unique class of androgen receptor ligands. The USDA has classified these SARMs as “therapeutic compounds”, which mimic anabolic agents like androgenic compounds, but without the side effects of androgens.

SARMs are used for a variety of purposes including: reductions in muscle atrophy, increased lean muscle mass, decreased bodily fat, increased levels of human growth hormone, enhanced physical and athletic performance, heightened stamina, and many more. Recently, DRS-Labs has decided to launch their very own line of research SARMs to provide researchers with a convenient way to understand these benefits.

As opposed to most products on the market only available in powder and liquid form, buying DRS-Labs’ new line of research products offers researchers with oral delivery compounds in the form of organic pressed tablets and capsules.

The goal of DRS-Labs with these compounds and research on this topic is to provide a solution where the tissues that are the target of the therapy being delivered will respond effectively as they would to androgens, and tissues where undesirable side-effects would regularly be produced will not be seen taking effect.

DRS-Labs’ SARMs aid researchers in breakthrough discoveries and understanding the benefits of these substances. For example, RAD-140, or more commonly known as Testolone, is a new research compound being investigated for the treatment of muscle deterioration and breast cancer, as it helps increase muscle mass. Other compounds may also enhance speed, anti-aging, stamina, and endurance during high-intensity training. Moreover, the anabolic effects of some of these SARMs are greater than those of androgenic hormones and may also reduce the side-effects of androgens.

Not only do SARMs offer a multitude of bodily health benefits such as a boost in fat loss, some are also indicated to function as neuroprotective compounds for overall brain health in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. As opposed to androgenic hormones which may increase the risk for prostate cancer when treating Alzheimer’s Disease, as previously mentioned, these compounds do not showcase negative side-effects on reproductive organs and do not increase risk for prostate cancer.

Where to buy SARMs:

Even though SARMs are still in the research phases, there is a lot of experimentation being conducted for athletic and performance enhancement. There are various communities and discussions on Reddit concerning this topic.

DRS Labs SARMs and other research compounds

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DRS-Labs is aware that SARMs are being discussed and experimented with on popular forums such as Reddit, Longecity, Bodybuilding.com and many more, even though these compounds are still in the research phase.

Publications on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ have shown that DRS-Labs research SARMs like MK-677 can aid the body in boosting muscle mass quickly and in maintaining strength when adding bulk, all without showcasing commonly occurring side effects of androgenic compounds.

About DRS Labs:

DRS Labs https://drs-labs.com provides leading research in these SARMs compounds, which have also been heavily talked about and notably mentioned on Oxford Academic Journals, CNN.com, Forbes.com and Medscape.com about their potential uses and ongoing investigation. DRS-Labs’ aim is to provide a new line of compounds that offer convenience and practicality in the form of pressed tablets and capsules for researchers.