Drug Shortage

Shortage of ticlopidine tablets

ticlopidine, contributed to Wikimedia Commons by Fvasconcellos

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists reports a shortage of ticlopidine tablets, undoubtedly because there is now only one remaining supplier who is approved for marketing in the US.

Ticlopidine works by preventing the clumping of platelets, which are cells found in your blood that are involved in blood clotting. If you have had a stroke or have had a stent placed in one of your arteries to keep it open, you might find it useful. If your doctor does prescribe ticlopidine, please make sure to appear for the blood tests which must be done starting a few days after your first dose. It is an unfortunate fact that ticlopidine can have some dangerously bad effects on other cells found in your blood, and this possibility has to be taken into account. If you’ve been taking ticlopidine for three months without ill effects, you don’t need blood exams as frequently.