Ray Collins

I mention in the post above that there was a ca. 30 day interval in which no drug shortage reports arrived in my Newsblur reader via the ASHP’s drug shortage feed, and than a 20150614 shortage report for flumenazil arrived on 20150615.

Next a 20150608 drug shortage report for hydroxyzine arrived in my reader later on 20150615; a 20150610 report for fenoldopam and a 20150607 report for anhydrous alcohol both arrived on 20150616; a 20150616 report for estradiol valerate arrived today, 20150617.

Strange to me, and maybe I just don’t recall this happening before, maybe I didn’t notice. Could it be that the reports are dated the day someone starts work on them, not the day they’re posted on the website and sent out via RSS?

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