Drunken Dostoevsky
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Drunken Dostoevsky

Where’s Their Home?

Photo by Cornelia Munteanu on Unsplash

Through the rippling blue of the morning sky

The whitish orange yawns its way forward,

Scattering the silent companions of the night

As the shivering stars kiss each other goodbyes.

Where’s their home? Where do they go?

Through the ragged stony paths flanked by pine needles

The withered soles and swollen feet move forward,

Scattering pebbles, companions of the milestones

As the wilderness whispers melancholic goodbyes.

Where’s my home? Where do I go?



Drunken Dostoevsky is a literary motley of ideas from contemporary lives blended with the essence of immortal classics. A space created by passionate writers lost in time, Drunken Dostoevsky is a peek inside our minds as writers, people and lovers of literary art.

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