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Drunken Dostoevsky

Winter Arrived Yesterday Evening

The Magpie by Claude Monet

Winter arrived yesterday evening
With soft and nimble steps
On the brown leaves in the courtyard,
With a whiff of crisp dusk
And blunt-needle-ends, it
Caressed the unguarded skin.
The sun, dissolving on the horizon
Had an aroma of dewdrops.
The crescent of the moon
Peeked out hesitantly, and nudged
On the blanket of haze.
Winter arrived yesterday evening,
Leaving the fingers cold and
Breaths white.
The warmth of your pillow,
Once more felt like the pocket
Of personal heaven,
Long gone with the dirge of
The past departing winters.



Drunken Dostoevsky is a literary motley of ideas from contemporary lives blended with the essence of immortal classics. A space created by passionate writers lost in time, Drunken Dostoevsky is a peek inside our minds as writers, people and lovers of literary art.

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