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Sponsoring a DrupalCamp is Not About the Return on Investment (ROI).

You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Visibility, Creditability, and Collegiality

“pink pig” by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

If Drupal is the Enterprise solution why are all of our camps priced and sponsored like we are still hobbyist in 2002?

Why Don’t We Treat DrupalCamps Like It’s the Enterprise Solution?

“when you compare how other technology conferences are priced and what they are offering for sessions, DrupalCamps are severely under-priced for the value they provide to the community.”

Courtesy of Amaziee.io Labs

What Do Companies Expect to Gain From DrupalCamp Sponsorships?

Group Photo — DrupalCon 2018 Nashville by Susanne Coates

“why should my company sponsor DrupalCamp Atlanta? There is nothing there for me that makes it worth it. We don’t pick up clients, you don’t distribute the participant list, so why should we sponsor the camp?”

Have Drupal Companies Outgrown the Need to Sponsor DrupalCamps?

What happens to DrupalCamps when companies no longer need the visibility or credibility from the Drupal community?

Why Should Established Companies Sponsor a DrupalCamp?



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