We partnered with Acquia to grow the Drupal global community.

CI&T can never have enough Hackathons! We simply love them! Last Thursday and Friday, CI&T hosted another +Drupal 8 Hackathon with our partner +Acquia at our global headquarters in Campinas, Brazil. With Drupal gaining more and more momentum as a solution for large enterprises, our goal was to bring everybody a bit closer to what Drupal 8 is all about. The challenge for each team was to migrate one module from the community to Drupal 8.

The results were amazing!!! Besides deep diving into the new Drupal 8 architecture, all groups were able to successfully migrate at least one module, and one group was able to migrate 2 modules, among them: Filter Protocols, Language Icons, Login Security, Comment RSS, 403to404 and the Security Kit (see links below).

At the opening of the event +Angela Byron (aka Webchick; Director of Community Development at Acquia) joined via hangout, followed by a module migration for Drupal 8 “On the Fly” by our special guests +Adam Malone and +Hernâni Borges de Freitas from Acquia, showing everyone how to do it, and helping all participants with their questions. There was also a raffle for 3 licenses of PHPStorm, brought by +Anderson Casimiro (DuoDraco) of +JetBrains.

Each team had its own dynamics, succeeding through the use of Agile methodologies, not to mention the Kanban and Dojos that allowed those participants that didn’t know Drupal to join together in the end with the most experienced developers.

By the end of the Hackathon, the prizes were given to the teams who migrated the Security Kit and the Login Security. They also received a voucher to become a Drupal Acquia Certified Developer and the opportunity to join a hangout with Angela Byron.

Our congratulations to all participants with special thanks to the Senseis and Acquia teams! We are proud to help grow the global Drupal community, and can’t wait for the next one!

Check out the pictures at:

Posts related to the event:

Migrated modules:
Seckit: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/seckit_d8
FloodControl: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/flood_control_d8
403 to 404: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/m4032404_d8
CommentRSS: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/commentrss_d8
Login Security: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/login_security_d8
Language Icons: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/language_icons_d8
Filter Procotols: https://github.com/ciandt-dev/filter_protocols_d8