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Bibliography and Citation — Altmetric

The Bibliography and Citation — Altmetric module is an addition to the existing Bibliography and Citation module.

Bibliography and Citation is a module that allows keeping, outputting, exporting and importing bibliographic data. The library we used is from the official CSL style repository with over 8000 styles. Those styles are available without charge under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA) license. Learn more about Bibliography and Citation here.

The Bibliography and Citation — Altmetric module adds Altmetric badges to reference entities provided by the “Bibliography & Citation — Entity” submodule. Altmetric badges (donuts by default) visualize the influence of your published content and show a number of times your content was mentioned.

How does it work? Each donut gives your website visitors one-click access to the collated record of online attention for each piece of research, where they can browse all of the original mentions and shares associated with it.

Subscribe to the news about the Altmetric module on Bibliography & Citation Twitter and find out about major and minor changes and resolved issues:


  • The module Bibliography & Citation

The module is under an active development. If you have any questions or need more information, please, contact us.

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