Community Summit

Monday program — DrupalCon Vienna

We just got back from Drupal Camp Antwerp with a lot of fresh energy and full of community spirit. It was a really great camp, many thanks to the Drupal Camp Beligum organisation. It really inspired us for planning the community summit.

Photo by William White on Unsplash

As you might have heard already, Drupal Con Summit and training days are now being organised by the Austrian and International Drupal community (and no longer by the DA). Also the Drupal Association will not be hosting DrupalCon Europe in 2018.

At Drupalcamp Antwerp we held a BoF to talk about our concerns for DrupalCon Europe 2018. One of the primary suggestions for the Community Summit. 
It’s up to us the community, to make this happen.

Topics that the community proposed to discuss:
DrupalCon Europe:

  • What do Europeans want from a DrupalCon?
  • How to proceed with DrupalCon in Europe?

Community Governance:

  • Which were the results of the community sessions and surveys this year?
  • How do we want to organise as a community in Europe?
  • How to prepare for the Drupal Governance Summit?
  • How can we make our community more inclusive?
  • Should the code of conduct focus on values on top of actions?

Community Tools and Platforms:

  • Which Drupal Communication Platforms should we use? — IRC, Rocket, Matrix, Slack. How we bridge our communications together?
  • Where do we want to develop Drupal? —, GitLab, GitHub (Drupal development and collaboration workflows)


  • Drupal Site Building Curriculum for Teenagers (Coding Girls)
  • [propose your topic here]

With the reorganizing also comes a different format for the summit. Inspired by CxO Iron Camp and Drupalaton.
Design Thinking is a process by which to solve problems in a dynamic and fun way. It helps facilitate conversations and focuses on coming up with solutions. We believe this workflow will work really well for the Community Summit.

We look forward to seeing you at the Community Summit! Come prepared to take part in brainstorming and discussions. Let’s work together to make our community better. The Community Summit will take place on Monday, September 25th. There are 49 seats available, be sure to register today!


09:00 Doors open 
10:00 Introduction to Design Thinking
10:30 Breaking out into groups 
11:00 Design Thinking Workshop

  • Discovery Sprint
  • Design Sprint
  • Sketching
  • Pitching

16:00 Summary and action plan presentations by the groups
17:00 Finished, social activities.

Date: Monday, 25.09.2017
Time: 10:00–17:00
Venue: FH Technikum (University of Applied Sciences), Höchstädtplatz 6, 1200 Wien
Organization: Drupal Austria, together with the international Drupal community.
Tickets: Get your ticket now.

After the Summit be sure to attend: Drupal Cinema Zapping, the movie and party in IronCamp where Epic. 
For DruapalCon Vienna i am really looking forward to the next episode .

Drupal Cinema Night & DrupalCon Community Day Party starts at 20:00 in Schikaneder (Margaretenstraße 22–24, 1040 Vienna, Austria)