The official community party for DrupalCon Vienna will be something special: A Ball celebrating Open Source

Vienna is famous for events like the Viennese Opera Ball or the Life Ball. How about an Open Source Ball with an international Drupal twist?

We will combine the „Open Source“ ethos with the very best of Viennese tradition under the motto „Alles Open — Alles Walzer“. An event fit for Open Source Queens, Open Source Kings and Open Source Jesters of all kinds. Let us entertain you through an evening of local live acts, selected gifts — the so called „Ballspende“ — and the traditional midnight interlude: „Quadrille“ — in which all are welcome to participate.

Mix, mingle and network, have tons of fun and experience Viennese culture and tradition.

mumok hofstallung / mumok imperial stables
​Photo: mumok

Date: 26.09.2017, 20:00–02:00 
Location: mumok hofstallung (mumok imperial stables), Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
Entrance: 15 EUR (advanced booking); free for DrupalCon Vienna attendees
No ball etiquette. No dresscode.

What’s a Drupal twist? Get an impression (Reveal Video by Nico Grienauer)

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