Why Drupal Is Ideal For Developing Data-Driven Web Applications

Creating a web app goes beyond coding as it involves understanding the exact requirements of the business and delivering a solution that fulfills them. For instance, the requirements of data-driven web apps are to be well evaluated before proceeding with their development. The application flow in a data-driven app is governed by the data processed by it. The app first organizes the data and then analyses it to come up with appropriate business decisions. A data-oriented application is coded in such a manner that the input data set changes its behavior. Its architecture is quite complex as it is enabled to create entities and interrelate them using foreign key relationships. It also has advanced features like data input validation, data integration, multiple forms embedded with subforms, and capability of data export/import.

Since the requirements of a data-driven web application are so complex, there is a need to look for the right platform for development. Drupal, with its advanced features and functionalities, serves the purpose as an ideal CMS for data-driven web apps.

Here are some reasons to use this platform to build a data-driven web app for your business:


The flexibility of Drupal fetches it full marks for being able to meet diverse requirements, including those of a data-driven web app. If you hire a drupal developer with expertise in the platform, he can configure and customize it to give you exactly what you are looking for. Also, new features can be easily incorporated into an existing web application with Drupal.

Content Types

Multiple forms are an integral part of data-oriented sites and apps. Drupal, with its content types and views, makes it easy to create the relevant forms according to the requirements. The developer needs to fill out simple forms with multiple fields for creating the forms. All the information submitted by the user is automatically put in the relevant fields.


The scalability of Drupal is another feature that makes it suitable for such apps. It makes the app capable of handling high traffic and give the best performance even on its busiest days. The platform also makes the apps future-ready, as it is able to keep pace with the business growth over a period of time.


Security is another feature that makes Drupal such a reputed web development platform. It follows a stringent process with verification and investigation of possible security issues, with a dedicated team working continuously on it. This means that you can run your business without security concerns by choosing a trustworthy drupal development company to develop the data-driven app for it.


Drupal has the adaptability to handle sites with diverse requirements. Whether you are planning to take your small business online or want a website for a huge company, the platform’s powerful features make it suitable for all kinds of requirements.


Being an open-source platform, Drupal has a massive community of developers and users. Even if there are issues related to the development and running of the websites based on the platform, the community is there to provide support and guidance. Developers engaged in creating data-based web apps using Drupal can approach these members if they come across any challenges.

All these features of Drupal make it a perfect choice for creating web applications that run on big data. The platform has all that it takes to handle the complications associated with such sites and apps.

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The author is a reputed Drupal eCommerce developer who holds forte in creating customized websites for e-commerce businesses across diverse industry verticals. She often shares his insight and experience as a developer through his write-ups.

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