Democratizing software

Software has become essential to how we live, work, learn, and relate to each other. Yet software is still difficult and expensive to build; our reliance upon it is reaching a tipping point.

Anyone who is a developer knows this. We all have had coworkers, friends, or family members ask us to build an app for their work, school, or hobby. They think we can build it in a day or two, but it really takes weeks of time and sometimes skills we do not have. Worse, important advances in science, technology, business, and almost every aspect of society do not happen because the software for it is not being built. It requires programmers that are too scarce or too expensive to pay.

This expense and imbalance in software has led to many of the economic incentives that underlie much of the dysfunction on the web today — from issues of privacy to data integrity to content curation.

The (“Don’t Repeat Yourself”) platform is our attempt to solve this problem.

We are developing a technology that makes writing a broad range of software 1000x faster, with 10x less training. A single developer with rudimentary skills can now build in a day what once took a team of expert developers months to accomplish.

With, people control their data, privacy is primary, there are no artificial silos or other boundaries between data, and individuals and communities are free to curate their content.

Today, we are inviting the first wave of test developers onto the platform. Join us, and help build a better future for the Web. Visit to learn more.