My Drying Ink
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My Drying Ink


A Dark Halloween-ish Poem

Creeping, Sleeping, Reaping, Falling

This life of mine is indeed appalling

God help those who cause my dawning.

Creeping, Sleeping, Reaping, Falling.

Slay them, Flay them, Bathe them, Decay them

No cries for help will make me save them




This publication is the home for all articles and poetry authored by Matthew Leo. It will be used to help better organize Mr. Leo’s content and help readers to find content they are interested in within the eclectic mix of this creator.

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Matthew Leo

Matthew Leo

Zombie Hunter. Vampire Chaser. Walking Cartoon. Root beer Addict. Follow me, I’ll Follow Back. Read me, I’ll read you. Clap for my good stuff? I’ll do the same.

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