Ending the stigma around abortion

Abortion care is a normal part of women’s healthcare and one of the safest procedures in modern medicine, but lawmakers continue to pass legislation to make abortion harder to access. Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws don’t deter women from abortion — they only make it harder to get one.

Working class women are disproportionately affected by TRAP laws not only because they make clinics providing abortion care nearly inaccessible in most parts of the country, but because the state insurance they rely upon (Medicaid) will not reimburse for abortion care (because of the 1976 Hyde Amendment). This is not a mistake — it’s class warfare.

Wealthy women will always have access to abortion as they can more easily surmount the barriers that TRAP laws create that make abortion all but inaccessible. Working class women cannot always overcome these barriers and their lives are forever affected by them. That is not a mistake — it’s state violence.

Women’s reproductive health is bodily autonomy. If women cannot gain complete control of their bodily autonomy, no one is free. We fight for women and people with uteruses to win access to abortion free, on demand, and without apology.

Detroit DSA has partnered with Huron Valley DSA and ally organizations for our annual BOWL-A-THON, a month-long effort to fundraise for the MI Women in Need Fund/RECLAIM — the only abortion fund in SE Michigan. By raising money for women who need help with the cost of an abortion, transportation, and childcare, we will make a difference in their lives and we will support reproductive justice.