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Organize your Workplace against COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, workers are being told they have to come into work, or risk losing their job, even though they could be working from home. Others do not have the protective gear that they need to do their job. In response, workers across the world are organizing their workplaces.

For some, this means organizing for a full workplace shut-down with paid leave, to stop the spread of the disease. For others, this means getting essential workers everything they need — supplies, staffing levels, hazard pay — to adequately respond to the virus.

Union members and workplace organizers across national DSA, and in oru chapter, have lined up to help. To connect with us, complete this form. Organizers will help you start a petition, connect with other workers, approach management, and successfully organize during this moment of crisis.

It will be front-line workers who lead the way during this public health, economic, and political crisis. Fill out the form and an organizer will be in touch.

The Detroit Socialist

The newspaper of the Detroit chapter Democratic Socialists…

Detroit Democratic Socialists of America

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The Greater Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, join us:

The Detroit Socialist

The newspaper of the Detroit chapter Democratic Socialists of America.

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