JavaScript Prototype pollution

Mudhalai Mr
May 24, 2021 · 4 min read

Prototype pollution (not to be confused with Parameter pollution)is a little-known bug. Unlike SQL Injection or XSS, Prototype pollution is not well documented. In this blog let’s understand how to exploit this bug in the wild.

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What is a prototype?

In JavaScript the concepts of class and function are interrelated. The function itself acts as the constructor for the class and the actual nature has no concept of “class” in JavaScript.

JavaScript is a prototype-based language. So, whenever we create a function using JavaScript, the JavaScript Engine adds a prototype property inside the function. The prototype property is basically an object (also known as a prototype object), where we can attach methods and properties in the prototype object, which enables all the other objects to inherit these methods and properties.

We can add or modify the properties/methods of the prototype object during execution, which will be inherited by other objects created using the object literal.

When we create an object using a function constructor, JavaScript Engine will add dunder proto or __proto__ in the object which will point to the prototype’s constructor object. We can also modify the prototype object using __proto__.

As you can see the objects inherited this property. Now let’s see how we can take advantage of this.

Polluting the prototype object:

toString() method in JavaScript returns a String representing the Object. What if we override this method using the prototype object and inject some malicious code?



PUT / - Post a new message (only registered users).

DELETE / - Delete a message (only administrators).


To set the “delete” property as true,

Deleting a message.

Other Real World bugs:


Though Prototype pollution is an easy bug to understand, it is not an easy bug to exploit. In many cases, you will not be able to send __proto__ through JSON & POST as WAFs have evolved to protect against these attacks. But, it is worth trying.

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