My Journey as a Google Cloud Facilitator for 30 Days of Cloud

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3 min readNov 8, 2021

What is 30 Days of Google Cloud Anyways?

The 30-day Google Cloud program allows you to start your career in the cloud and practice on Google Cloud.

A set of knowledge, excitement, challenges, and rewards.

How did I become a facilitator ?

I became a Facilitator for my University’s Developer Student Club that is GDSC VIT Bhopal.

The 30 Days of Cloud Facilitator program will provide you an opportunity to become a mentor (“Facilitator”) for your peers so that they can explore cloud computing as a career and thus become #GoogleCloudReady.

The GDSC Lead of our University asked all core team members about their interest, and then I was asked to fill a google form where I had to showcase my skills and why I wanted to become a google cloud facilitator.

On September 15, I got a mail where I got a mail regarding my selection in the program and the next steps.

Benefits of being a Google Cloud Facilitator

  1. Mentoring and guiding students to start their Google cloud journey.
  2. Training sessions by Google Cloud Developers every week.
  3. Exclusive credits and subscriptions to Qwiklabs.
  4. Surprise Google swags — Google hoodies & Bottle.

How did the program start, and what did I do?

The program commenced with the registration of all the Cloud Enthusiasts and making their Qwiklabs profile.

After completing the registrations, participants started doing the labs and quests.

This program focused on two tracks targeting two major technical areas:

1. Cloud Engineering Track

2. Data Science and Machine Learning Track

We also Conducted a Cloud Study Jam event where we talked about:

  1. What is Cloud and Google Cloud?
  2. What is 30 Days of Cloud?
  3. Careers in Google Cloud.
  4. Introduction to Qwiklabs & Google-Cloud.

The event had 140+ RSVP, and 90+ participants attended the event and asked their queries related to Google Cloud.

Everyday guiding many participants and cloud enthusiasts regarding their queries related to Google Cloud. It always felt good to help them complete the labs which consists of awesome learning including Cloud computing and Machine Learning which is the future of technology.

Stats of the program:

100+ Students completed both the tracks.

115+ Students completed at-least one of the tracks.

735+ Skill badges completed in Track-1.

660+ Skill badges completed in Track-2.

More than 60% completion rate from the total students enrolled.

Google Swags🎁

For Students who completed at-least one Track:

Google Cloud T-Shirt + Stickers

Goodies for completion of either one of the tracks

For students who completed both the Tracks:

Google Cloud T-Shirt + Stickers + Google Cloud Backpack and Water Bottle

Goodies for completion of both the tracks


It was an exciting journey where all the participants learned a lot from the program and started their journey into Cloud computing & Machine Learning in Google Cloud.



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