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Assisting Doctors With AI— Arintra

The inability to meet WHO recommendation is worrying considering the size of India. One cannot fathom the ramifications of failing to meet it.

Missed Doctortunity

Only a few states in India are able to meet with WHO’s recommendation.
Their primary source of revenue is by selling their product as a subscription to hospitals.

Arintra stands out from the rest as it is low cost, has a mobile-first solution, and uses a unique AI model.

Preeti Bhargava (graduate from Delhi School of Engineering )and Nitesh Shroff (B.Tech in electrical engineering from IIT Madras) met each other while pursuing their Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. Both discussed the burden on doctors and decided to solve it. In November 2019 Arintra was started.

Tehc 100

Instead of relying on fixed intake forms that are neither adaptive nor comprehensive Arintra uses an adaptive questionnaire for better results.
Arintra fills the EHR (Electronic Health Record) with a concise clinical note with patients’ History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, medications, allergies, and social and family history. Providers can prepare for the visit by skimming the note and focus on engaging patients instead of typing notes.

By presenting smart visualization through patient data; facilitates the retention of information by the doctors.

With the added benefit of having an AI trained to deal with diseases specific to India, it is emerging as a gamechanger in the Medtech sector.


Despite being in infancy, this startup has the potential to benefit the healthcare industry.



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