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Is Git just for Code?

Have you used Git for more than just code?

Here are some things you can use Git for 👇

1. For maintaining different file versions 🧰

It’s not always source code files that have different versions. Simple word documents, PPTs, photoshop files can have them too. Remember when you messed up something and clicked on “Don’t save” just to start over, yet you wished that you could retain some new changes? Did Auto Save occasionally screw you up when you didn’t want to save the new changes?
This is where Git comes handy. Git gives you the freedom to roll between the various versions of the file. It keeps track of every file and every change you make.

2. For sharing files 📤

Exchanging files with suffixes v1, v2 via WhatsApp or telegram is not pleasant. A free cloud-based hosting service, such as GitHub or Bitbucket, helps manage your Git repository, making it easier for you to share your files with your collaborators. When you push the latest changes to your presentations or cookie recipes, your colleague or friend will be able to seamlessly fetch it.

3. For backing up files 🔒

Often a file that we deleted years ago is desperately needed. We would start to google, “how to retrieve permanently deleted files”.
In the repository, Git keeps track of each bit of every file. To recover them, you simply need to roll back to a version where it existed.

4. For safely messing with files 🦺

Do you have new ideas to try out but refrained because you were afraid that the current working version would be damaged? Git branches are here for the same cause. Using git branches you can build a new branch from the current state where you can try out stuffs and mess around keeping the stable version unchanged. If the new improvements come up well you can integrate them into the master branch or if you screw things up, you can discard them.

5. For storing same files in multiple machines 🗃️

Git is a distributed version control system, meaning everybody has their own copy. Git gives you the option of not always being linked to the internet. Create modifications and transfer them whenever you like. Your buddy has a copy where you can take it from, if you still happen to lose all your files.

Conclusion 📕

Git is not just for maintaining code. For any file form and for any project type, Git can be used. Git helps to handle various versions of files, to exchange collaborative files, to back up files, to safely mess with files using branches, and finally to store on multiple devices.

Thanks for reading 🙏

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