Katalon Plugins We Need to Install

Daniel A
Daniel A
Jun 28 · 2 min read

Katalon plugins are small pieces of software that you install into Katalon Studio which adds more functionality and allows for near total customization of your tool. As mentioned on Katalon Docs, These plugins are built to meet users’ requests looking to improve their projects’ automation efficiency or meet their specific business needs (Katalon Docs, 2021 April 13)

Here’s the list of Katalon Plugins that should be installed to help your automation testing:

Assert Keyword

This plugin will help your assertion in the test cases for many data types without many fusses. I think this plugin is the one of essential in our projects to make comparing value from the expected result and actual result.

Basic Reports

Sometimes we need to report our test automation result manually to other stakeholders. Basic Report plugin helps us to generate reports automatically in various types so we can easily send it to other stakeholders.

Excel Keywords

Excel Keywords is really helpful if you have data-driven testing approach in your test case. This plugin will help you compare two excel files, two sheets, two rows, or two cells.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Since our teams are using Microsoft Teams for our daily communication, bringing all the info from Katalon to Microsoft Teams will be very helpful for us. Microsoft Teams Integration will help Katalon to send notifications to Microsoft Teams via webhook so we can receive any notifications from test execution in real-time.

Those are the Katalon Plugins that I use the most and I think as essentials. Which plugin that you are using too? Or please let me know your favorite Katalon Plugins that help you the most but not on the list.

Thank you for reading!

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