5 Basics rules to use Post its, and use them well.

In our jobs, from strategic design to Design Research, we have to manage tons of tools but one of the most common are the Post Its, but is very important to use a common language to do it well.

Let’s see some basic rules to maintain your post it on the walls and understand them without problems.

1. Unstick them well:

Just turn the stack to the side, and pull along the adhesive line, instead of yanking it from the non-sticky side.

2. Peel the Post-It up

with the sticky line on the right or left side.

3. Write one idea per Post It

4. Use a Color Code (and be consistent).

For example: yellow for notes, pink for ideas…

5. Use a fat pen.

Something thick enough that you can read from a few metres away.

And, what are your tricks to use Post its well?

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